TF Machine Repair

This 3000 Ton 168 x 66 TF machine was rebuilt as it was being relocated from Tennessee to northern Indiana. The machine had to be completely disassembled for transportation. The main weldments were transported to the customer's property and stored outside during construction of the new facility. The internal components were transported to D&S Machine Repair, Inc.

The crown had major cracks in the supporting structures. We were able to clean, prep, weld repair, and stress relieve the crown on site. The crown bores were all machined on location using our portable boring machine. The pin centers were changed to take out some of the extra gear backlash years of wear had produced. We made new eccentric pins, replaced eccentric gears and connection bushings, made new intermediate gear and drive pinion, rebuilt counterbalances and overload cylinders. The clutch and brake was rebuilt with new bladders, pucks, springs, seals, bearings, and new clutch spider.